Friday, March 21, 2014

March Color

Earlier in the week I was off to Spokane to do a presentation at the NW Regional Rural Health Conference, so I'm a couple days late on this week's flower report.

As expected, new things are waking up all over the place and those that had begun last week are moving right along.  I have several spots where daffodil are blooming and the allium is getting tall.

The Dianthus is just beginning to wake up, with promise of rich color to be covering it soon.

The Berginia Cordifolia  (left) - also known as "Pig Squeek"is showing color as is the white Rock Cress.  I have some other colors of Rock Cress, but they are a bit further behind.

I absolutely love the sharp, brilliant color of green of new leaves that trees around town are starting to show.  I've recently started using a Pedometer to challenge myself  to be more more excuses about my job keeping me in front of a computer or in meetings.  This body was designed to MOVE so I'm determined to increase my distance each week.  As I go out on my breaks and at lunch, or take longer walks after work, I'm seeing new life pop up everywhere.

Without question, I love Boise in the spring.

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