Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boise Springtime - Waking Up

Today was an absolutely GORGEOUS almost spring day in Boise, ID.  After several days of rain, today we had mild temperatures (nearly 60) and beautiful blue skies.  The days are getting longer and the ground is warming up.  All we needed was that moisture for my yard to begin to wake up.

  Here is what's going on out there right now:

CROCUS:   Always the first thing to bloom in my yard - they open up during the day and then close again in the evening.  They are such cheerful, resilient little flowers.

I've got lots of Allium and daffodils popping up in spots here and there

TULIPS are scattered here and there and everywhere.  Some are in clumps among bushes.  Some are in tidy rows.  Some peek out between other things and some have whole areas to themselves.  Last year I got a bunch of bulbs for the LDS Temple here in Boise.  They redo their flower beds every year so on the Monday after Mother's Day they generally have a bunch ready to give away.   I have no idea which varieties these bulbs were, so I'll have some nice surprises along with my usual standards.

My sedum  is perking up as is the money plant (lunaria)   I had purple money plant established for the past couple years but last year I introduced some white to go with it so I am anxious to see how that does.

Of course my Pussy Willow tree is covered in catkins

True spring is still  around the corner, but for me as soon as the days get nice enough to pick up a rake and begin working the yard I start feeling light hearted.  I take the dog for longer walks and savor every minute of the lengthening days.  My sweet husband, on the other hand, has a different definition of what spring means to him:

He caught this beauty this morning along with  five of its friends down at Kleiner Park, less than five miles from our house.  Not quite the same as going out to the more remote lakes or rivers, but still very good eating and great that he can spend a couple hours at a pretty spot so conveniently.

Happy almost Spring!

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