Friday, March 14, 2014

Bountiful Basket - Week 2

This is what I got in this week's Bountiful Basket:

1 pineapple
7 bananas
7 pears
9 apples
6 tomatoes

(I did a report on tomatoes in elementary school.  That's when I discovered tomatoes are actually a fruit, not a vegetable.)

5 # sack of potatoes
2 more spaghetti squash
7 Anaheim chilies

I was happy with just about everything except the spaghetti squash.  I gave away last week's squash.
Then I went to check out the BountifulBasket Blog  and found they have a yummy looking recipe for stir fry using the stuff.  The ONLY way I have ever made it is just plain baked, and frankly, it's not that impressive.
Seeing a new way to try it has me actually looking forward to using what we got this time.   I really like it that the blog shows all sorts of recipes for using the stuff we will get.

Here is some info about the food that we are getting from a recent BB email:

" High Quality, Low Cost and As Local as Possible… So, how hard do we try? Pretty hard! Most bananas are from Central America or the Caribbean and are grown by a couple gargantuan conglomerate growers. We get all of our bananas from small farmers in central Mexico. This saves the co-op between $4 and $7 a box, keeps money with small farmers, and helps keep the carbon footprint small."

Will I sometimes get stuff in my basket that I would not have chosen to buy?  Yep.  That happens. But I still like supporting this effort, and I believe I'm getting a good value for my money.   I am looking forward to getting more involved in the co-op by showing up earlier to help with the unloading and set up.  It's as much about building community as buying produce. Also, it challenges me to get out of my food rut and try some  new things.  All in all I'm very pleased with our participation.

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  1. We have shares in a local organic farm, which has kept us almost drowning in fresh vegetables and fruit! Right now we're up to our eyeballs in apples and carrots. It's hard to use it all, but we expect to be able to do a lot more cooking as soon as we move into our new house with its actual, real, usable kitchen!