Saturday, March 11, 2017

Spring Clean Up

FINALLY the days are turning warm and there are flowers popping up everywhere in our yard.   Today my sweet husband and I spent much of the morning in Spring Cleanup.   I tackled the emerging dandelions and dug out grass that had invaded the flowerbeds.  We raked up huge heaps of leaves and pine needles and cut back some of the ground cover that had become too invasive, spilling out of bounds.  Larry began scraping paint and tidying up the trim around the garage door and the chimney.   By mid day our arms and backs were aching, but it felt good to be setting our yard to rights again.  I'm giddy with anticipation to see what color the next few weeks will bring.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Escape from Winter's Gloom

This winter we have had more snow and cold here in Boise than ever before in recorded history.  February has been ROUGH.   Everyone I know has been getting antsy with cabin fever.   We found a pretty good way to dispel the gloom of being cooped in.   We took a day to walk through the rows of flowers at Edward's Green House.   Being around living plants and color gave my spirit a much needed lift!

Best of all, my sweet son bought me a bowl of tulip bulbs that were well up and full of promise.  It wasn't long before I had gorgeous blooms on my window sill.   It was just the boost I needed to kick my winter blues to the curb and begin looking forward to spring.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


After an amazing two year adventure in the South Pacific, we are now back in Boise, getting resettled.  In many ways it's good to be home, but a part of my heart and spirit remains in our beloved New Zealand.  I miss the many friends we made there and I miss the beautiful green countryside.

The biggest challenge to our transition back home has been the ferocious winter we are experiencing.  We are breaking all the record books with more snow than they have seen in these parts in over 30  years. It's lovely to look at, but the streets are a mess and I'm getting cabin fever from being cooped inside so much.   So I'm dreaming of gardening and looking forward to spring.