Friday, June 1, 2012


Time to catch up on my garden blog.  I've so enjoyed my time out digging in the dirt that I haven't stopped to record it.  These are a few shots of the clematis I took a couple weeks ago.

crowded flowers

I have such limited space for flowers that need full sun that too often I try to cram in more than I should.  I'm thinking my big yarrow plant in the front is going to have to go to make room for other things.   I've got a dahlia behind it that is definitely getting crowded and blocked from the sun.  Sigh.
I talked to a friend who lives up the street who will give it a new home.  At least there I can go visit on occasion.



Delphiniums always remind me of my Aunt Joy who loved them in her gardens and often brought them into the house as cut flowers.   She taught me to love flower gardening more than anyone.  Sure do miss her.  Sometimes when I see these beautiful blue blossoms I think of her looking down from heaven and smiling.


My husband refers to Iris as "Much ado about nothing" because they don't last long at all.  Still, they are among my favorite flowers so I always have to make room for a few.  I did dig up about 2/3 of my purple and give away this year to make room for a few new colors.


Whether it's sweet peas in my flowerbeds or snow peas in my garden, they both like the hotter days we are getting now.  My plants are thriving.