Friday, April 20, 2012

Bishop's Weed

While cruising some online forums, I found this comment about Bishop's Weed:

And whatever you do, don't plant bishop's weed, aka goutweed, often recommended for dry shade. Evil evil evil. It's like deliberately planting bindweed - you'll never have anything else. They were selling it at my local (reputable!) garden centre, at $10.99 a pot. Clearly they're Satan's little helpers.

And there are plenty of blog posts out there like this one from Danger Garden talking about back breaking effort digging out this invasive pest.

Still, I think it's lovely and it seems just the right thing to put in the area of bare ground at the back of the house where I have my azaelas, heavenly bamboo and Pieris japonica.  So I planted starts from my across the street neighbor last fall and have been delighted to see it coming up well this spring.   I may later eat my words and regret this decision.  But for now I'm saying one man's weed in another gardener's delight.  Grow bishop weed - grow!

1 comment:

  1. I do like Bishop's Weed - (don't tell anyone). It's been great in our shade garden. I love it's fresh look all summer. Of course it loves to spread but I just yank it up where I don't want it.