Thursday, April 19, 2012


One of my favorite plants in the spring time is pulmonaria, There are several different varieties.  They also have many nicknames: most commonly known as lungwort, but also sometimes called Soldiers & Sailors, Jerusalem Cowslip, Spotted Dog, Joseph & Mary,  or Adam & Eve.  (I have NO idea where those names come from.)   I happen to have the variety called "High Contrast" and I love it.  I have several clumps of it going around in a ring surrounding a tall pine tree.  In that bed I've mixed it with bleeding heart, hostas, columbine and ferns.   Then just for fun I have a couple of "pig squeek" (berginia) on one edge.

The pulmonaria is always one of the earliest bloomers in my yard and I just love their delicate pink and purple blossoms against variegated leaves.

I'm thinking I may want to look for some of the white pulmonarias to add to that flowerbed, so I've been looking at catalogs and exploring online.

What's your favorite plant in your yard right now?

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