Friday, April 20, 2012


As I continue to learn all I can about the various plants in my yard I love all the many resources that are available online these day.  A great example is this video on "How to grow Ligularia"

The flower on these plants are not my favorite, but I love the foliage.  Last year something ate the leaves by late spring / early summer.   I'm hoping I can find some natural ways to ward off pests this year.   This is what my ligularia is looking like right now  I'm pretty sure this is the Othello variety.  I have one other that I'm still trying to of it later.

ligularia - Othello

As pretty as this plant is, I would not have chosen it for my yard since it really does need to be kept uniformly moist.  Didn't my yard's previous owner know that Boise is high desert?   While I would not automatically xeriscape everything, I would have chosen plants that are a bit more drought tolerant.   If I were on irrigation would be one thing, but unfortunately I'm in the part of my west Boise suburb that can SEE the irrigation canals but cannot access them.   So I must rely on city water with its ever ticking meter to keep my place green.  That's making me re-think several things I have growing.

But for now, I'll enjoy my ligularia

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  1. We have attempted to grow ligularia without much success. We've even tried the "fake bog" where you put hole-punched plastic down before you plant to help retain water. I love that plant but it doesn't love me.