Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Time in Boise

Serpentine Cherry



Pulmonaria / Lungwort
Rock Cress

It is spring time in Boise, Idaho. 

It is an absolutely glorious time of year.  Everywhere I go I am discovering trees that just a few short weeks ago stood naked now covered is blossoms and new leaves.  Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are bursting open in many neighborhood yards.  Spring is such a hopeful time of year.  It is a reminder of new beginnings.  I appreciate the longer days, and leaving my coat in the closet.

I decided that this year I'd start a new blog to document my gardens.  I'm planning to use this to map out what I have growing where and to track when things appear.  During the quiet times in my yard after everything has been put to bed in the fall it is easy to forget the profusion of color I was blessed with over spring and summer.  Also, when I go to put in bulbs or think about buying new plants it will help to remind myself how full my beds are this time of year.

Gardens are a lot like life.  There are times of abundance and times when all I can see is bare dirt.  Every season has its purpose.  I want to learn to be more grateful for the changing ebb and flow of growing and quiet, in my garden and in my life.  Still, I can't help but favoring springtime.  Each new opening flower or sprouting fern I discover on my daily walks through my back yard pathways just makes my heart sing.

(All photos this post taken April 4)

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