Monday, April 16, 2012

My peas are up!!

I've got one of my three grow boxes planted with hardy things that can tolerate cooler temperatures.  I planted snow peas on March 22 and they are coming up nicely.  The seed packet says I will get to harvest them in 75 days so it will be interesting to see how close they come to that schedule.

I also put in garlic, Walla Walla sweet onions, spinach, and Swiss chard.   I took a chance and planted three baby cucumber plants today.  A friend brought them over this weekend when he saw I already had my box started.  My tomatoes plants I am moving into the garage at night and won't put into the ground until the frost danger is passed, but I figured I could risk the cucumbers since they will be simple to replace if they get nipped.

If this year's garden is anything like last year we'll again have an abundance of veggies to carry us through all summer.  However, if I try to plant more than two zucchini plants this year, would somebody please just slap me??  Seriously, last year I thought my neighbors were going to band together and call an intervention if I didn't stop stalking them with bags of squash.  We threatened to check up and down the street for cars with unlocked doors where we could off load it.  Don't get me wrong, I really LIKE zucchini.  But since I have limited space for growing, this year I want to put in more variety.

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  1. I love peas! They rarely make it into the kitchen at our house! :O