Thursday, January 10, 2013

Snow Day

Winter continues to envelop us here in Idaho.  After spending most the day hunkered down inside where it was nice and warm, late this afternoon I finally got antsy and headed outside to shovel some sidewalks and take the dog for a jaunt around the block. When we came back from our walk I went wondering through the yard, noticing the different perspective the winter light brings...

It seems like just a short time ago we still had luscious grapes on our back porch arbor.  Now we have icicles.

Everywhere I look I see frozen shrouds, but I know that spring will come again.  I know what will be there if I just have the patience to wait for it.

One of the things I really like about living in Boise is the fact that we have four distinct seasons.  It was one of the specific characteristics we were looking for when choosing a place to land for keeps.  I very much enjoy watching the land change through all its phases.  

Although there was a time I seriously considered a move to Alaska, in retrospect I'm glad we came here instead.  Glaciers have their grandeur, but I just don't think I'm cut out for months upon months when I would      scarcely see the sun.  Besides, with my lousy night vision I almost never drive in the dark...I'd be trapped in a place like that.  

With every passing season I feel more certain that I fit here.  Even in winter.  I like living in a place where it snows just enough to feel sort of special and magical without the long duration to make it dreary.

So I'll appreciate my icicles while we have them.  I know they won't be here long.

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  1. Nice pics! It's been painfully cold. After our yurt trips I'll be ready for spring.