Monday, January 7, 2013

No more banana belt

 I've often heard it said that Boise is the 'Banana Belt" of Idaho.    
                                         On the City-Data website it states:

"The four seasons are distinct in all parts of Idaho, but not simultaneous. Spring comes earlier and winter later to Boise and Lewiston, which are protected from severe weather by nearby mountains and call themselves "banana belts" ... Mean temperatures in Boise range from 29°F (–2°C) in January to 74°F (23°C) in July."

Yes, Boise IS warmer and drier than much of the state.  But eventually, winter hits.  We had temperatures in the low 20's all week last week and then today the snow hit.  It's pretty light and powdery since we are still below freezing.  Still, the streets are a mess.  Because it snows so infrequently here the city isn't really geared up to deal with it.  To make matters worse, drivers here don't seem to get it that snow conditions mean to we all need to slow down and leave more space between cars.

Photo from KBOI2 at which says:

"Dozens of crashes and slide offs are being reported in the Treasure Valley due to snow, icy and wintry conditions. Idaho State Police says troopers have responded to about 35 crashes so far Monday."

I am ever so thankful that I have a job with a very generous flex-time policy and can even work from home in my jammies if I choose to so long as I don't have meetings scheduled.  I'm thinking tomorrow just may be a PJ day.

I really don't mind the cold, or even some snowfall, as long as the sun comes out.  Today, however,  was mostly grey.

Apparently they are only claiming three inches of new snow at Bogus Basin, but I know we had more than that here at our house.  My back and shoulders are sore from spending the afternoon playing secret shovel fairy to the neighbors.  Don't you just love how work is always so much more fun when it's done as a surprise for someone else?

Ah well, at least I'm not living in Bejing.  I hear China is having the coldest winter in 28 years.

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