Friday, January 18, 2013

Grilling at 20 Degrees

Unusually cold temperatures continue for Boise.  Because so many people are burning wood in fireplaces the air quality is on the yucky side.  Folks are hunkered down just trying to stay warm.  When I came home from  work yesterday my husband had his big coat and hat on and I asked him why.  His response was "I'm making dinner".  Gotta love a guy who will brave the cold to grill out in January.


  1. Good for Larry! That's great. I can hardly stand taking our dog for a short walk in this weather. It's a challenge just staying warm indoors.

  2. Victoria, oh come now, you the great winter Yurt camper having problems with a little cold? Must have gotten spoiled during all that luxurious spa time in the sun, eh?