Monday, May 5, 2014

A new favorite place

I have found a new favorite place.

I can't believe I have lived in Boise for three years and am just now discovering the beauty of this spot  One of the fabulous things about a city with a river running through it and a fairly progressive commitment to conservation is that we get places like this right in town - I pass by it all the time.  I finally decided to check it out this weekend to take my grandkids geocaching.  It seemed like a logical choice because it is just a short drive from my house and there were four different hides in the same general area so we decided to pay it a visit.

It was love at first sight.  Or was it the sounds?  The whole place is a cacophony of bird song.  We saw many different species of birds, along with bluegill, bass and, turtles.

Larry and I went back again today, this time with Morgan the Wonder Dog in tow for a nice hike.  This will definitely be a favorite spot to watch the seasons change.


Known by a variety of names, the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve or Hyatt Wetlands, is a 44-acre haven for birds, animals, and people located on the edge of Boise's West Bench (5301 N. Maple Grove Road). It is also the site of an innovative stormwater treatment project featuring sand filters, stormwater piping, a porous pavement parking lot, Hyatt Logorestroom, an access bridge, pathways, public art, and educational kiosks. In addition, the park features environmental education opportunities with lessons taught by Boise WaterShed staff.

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