Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March is such a tease

Pussy Willow

lungwort / pulmonaria

"Lenten Rose" / Helleborus

As is typical of Boise, March is tantalizing us, vacillating between some lovely days in the high sixties that just beg to be savored interspersed with chillier days that remind me it's not full spring just yet.  We have a few things blooming and new growth showing all over the place. This evening when I got home from work I enjoyed walking around the yard checking out the progress of my flowerbeds.  We've got tulips, hyacinths and daffodils coming up in quite a few places and the columbine and bleeding heart are emerging here and there.  I have much to look forward to.

We are also eager to get going with our vegetable garden, but won't be planting anything for at least another month.  We did pick up our Boise Tomato Cages today and got our raised beds all cleaned out and the soil amended with peat moss.    I love this time of year.

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